6,000 Mode Modded Controllers Ps3 In Black Or White Playstation 3

Product Code: Ps3 Modded Controllers

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Sony PS3 DualShock3 ModsRus Mod Controller

Mode 1: 8.33sps Call of Duty Series: Riffles

Mode 2: 11.35sps Call of Duty Series: Pistols

Mode 3: 16.67sps GTA4, Left 4 Dead, RDR, COD Series; Auto

Mode 4: 8.33sps COD-World at War Only - Riffles

Mode 5: 10sps COD-World at War Only - Pistols

Mode 6: 5sps Open Mode – Default 5 SPS

Mode 7: 10sps Open Mode – Default 10 SPS

Mode 8: 15sps Open Mode – Default 15 SPS

Mode 9: 20sps Open Mode – Default 20 SPS

Mode 10: 25sps Open Mode – Default 25 SPS

Rapid Fire

To enable rapid fire, tap the “Mod” button located on the bottom of the controller. You will see the player 4 LED start flashing indicating Rapid Fire is now activated. To turn off Rapid Fire tap the “Mod” button again and the Player 4 LED will stop flashing indicating rapid fire is turned off.

Changing Modes

There are 10 modes to select from. Each is pre-programmed with a specific speed but can be independently programmed to a new speed. To Change to the next mode you must hold the “Mod” button on the back of the controller for 3 seconds. You will see the player 4 LED flash, count the number of flashes of player 4 LED. This will indicate which mode you are currently in. (2 flasher=Mode 2) (3 Flashes=Mode 3). You can also scroll back to the previous mode by holding “R1” along with the mod button.

Burst Fire

To enable burst fire make sure the “Rapid Fire” is turned “On” then HOLD right on D-Pad and tap the “Mod” button. The player 4 LED will turn solid. This indicates that burst fire is activated. The burst fire will fire at the current speed/burst setting which can be adjusted within programming mode.

Enabling/Disabling Controller Buttons

Any button (R1, R2, L1, L2, ▲, O, X, ■) can be used for Rapid Fire in any combination at any time. To Enable or Disable a button you must hold the DOWN direction on the D-Pad + the “Mod” button. While holding both buttons you can press any of the other buttons to Enable or Disable that button for rapid fire. When you press a button you will see the player 4 LED flash either 1 or 2 times. (Flash=Enabled) (2 Flashes=Disabled). When you are finished just release all buttons. The controller will remember which buttons are enabled or disabled even when the controller is turned off.

Auto Aim

The Auto Aim Feature ONLY WORKS WITH ZOMBIES & CAMPAIGN GAMES AND DOES NOT WORK WITH ONLINE MATCHING GAMES. The Auto Aim is a feature for L1, Auto Aim will work with both rapid fire on and off. To activate Auto Aim HOLD “X” and tap the “Mod” button.

Jitter Fire

Jitter takes advantage of a glitch in most COD games allowing for faster firing of just about all weapons including shotguns and 3- Round burst weapons. To activate the Jitter Mod make sure the “Rapid Fire” is turned “On” then HOLD the ▲(Triangle) button and tap the “Mod” button.

Quick Scope

With Quick Scope Active just hold L1 and You will scope and automatically fire at the exact moment the accuracy of being scoped kicks in. To activate hold “L1” and tap the “Mod ” button.

Drop Shot

Drop shot allows you to automatically drop to prone as soon as you start firing. To activate drop shot for default button layouts HOLD “O” (circle) and tap the “Mod” button.

Jump Shot

To activate jump shot HOLD "X" and tap the "Mod" button. Jump shot has 4 sub modes. With jump shot you will jump automatically as soon as you start to fire.

Drop Shot Tactical

For those who use tactical button layouts, where R3 is the crouch/prone button, you will activate Drop Shot buy HOLDING “R3” and then tapping the “Mod” button.

Auto Sniper Breath

Auto sniper breath allows you to scope with L1 and automatically hold your breath without having to hold “L3”. To activate HOLD “L3” and tap the “Mod” button.

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